Our Company

Pedro & Mantovani, SA was founded in 1953 by Manuel João Pedro e João Mantovani and its main activity was prefabricated masonry cement and stone grain manufacturing. The company´s headquarters is located in Frielas, Loures.

After João Mantovani’s death, his family decided to sell the share of the company to Manuel João Pedro, who kept its name. In 2006 the brand was changed to “Mantovani”.

The firm became a joint stock company in which every shareholder is a family member of the founder. The business has been developing ever since by closing the tile factory in 1988 and specializing in whole and retail trade. The belief on the past family´s hardwork is the main motivation and key of success for this new generation.

Mantovani offers a wide range of produtcs as tiles and floating floor, bathroom, faucets, kitchen, closet and doors, windows, climatization, insulation, solar system and others.

The company’s main concern is the Client, focusing on a detailed and efficient customer service, ensuring the products quality in every range of price and commited to keep improving pre and after sales performance.

At Mantovani exists the belief of an ongoing professional appreciation to constantly increase the performance of the staff.

Since 2008 “PME Leader” status has been awarded every year.

The firm is certified since 2001, nowadays by the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015.