Sales Conditions

1. Orders

1.1. The order execution depends of the previous requesition or purchase sent by email / fax or upon a down-payment.

1.2. For every specific material, or manufactoring request, is requested a down-payment.

1.3. Delivery deadlines start after order confirmation.

2. Produtcts uniformity

2.1. Ceramics and tiles are manufactured in high temperature ovens. Therefore, the final product can present slight differences regarding tonality and gauges, which are forseen in European norms EN ISSO 10545.

2.2. Natural produtcts as wood, marble and granite do not present an uniform look. There are differences regarding tonality and texture from one piece to another. As products that come directly from Nature, is impossible to change them.

3. Ceramics laying

3.1. Tiles muts be applied with specific and quality products, and according to the appropriate technical specifications or the manufacturer.

3.2. Besides other instructions, we strongly advise to follow the ones included in the Weber Guide. In case of any doubt, please reach us.

4. Product cleaning

4.1. Fittings and stainless accessories – chrome, golden or lacquered – cannot be cleaned with mops, acids or agressive  detergents, but with warm water and a soft cloth.

4.2. Ceramics must be clean with the right products as well. In case of any doubt, please reach us.

5. Payments

5.1. Products must be settled against delivery except when is shipped by Mantovani, where payment must be made up to 2 business days prior to the expected date of shipment of the material.

5.2. Other ways of payment is possible when agreed and by a written settlement .

6. Delivery deadlines

6.1. For most products in stock the immediate pickup is possible.

6.2. Deliveries done by us are subject to transport availability.

6.3. Transport for small merchandise is available for free, subject to our specific conditions and availability.

6.4. For products out of stock, orders to manufacturing and delivered by the factories, the deadline is estimated and depends on the factories’ actual date.

7. After sales service, anomalies and or returns are only accepted 30 days after delivery and according to the following:

7.1. Returns must be followed the delivery note or invoice under IVA (VAT) legislation.

7.2. Returns are accepted after comercial department aproval and final control in our warehouse.

7.3. Returning products must be new and still in their intact original box

7.4. Incomplete products will not be accepetd.

7.5. Ceramic returns will only be accepted if more material from the same lot and caliber is available in stock and/or possible to resell.

7.6. Every requested material for one specific order will be held to consignament for 180 days, to be creditated when sold. The Client must pickup the order as soon as the deadline ends.

7.7. Anomalies must be reported by writing to the seller or assistant that will forward to the appropriate department.

7.8. Fragile merchandise are always checked by the costumer upon delivery as the company do not permits returns of mirrors, bathtubs, stone countertops, bathroom furniture and boilers.

7.9. We provide complaint books in every store.

8. Warranty

8.1. 3 years or subjected to warranty conditions expressed by the manufacturers.

8.2. Warranty for kitchen fitting is 2 years.


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